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Our business was established to satisfy both our customers and our employees, Based on the fact that the driver being satisfactied will be a large factor in the customer being satisfied. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our long-term experience in the transportation business.
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The contract of carriage of persons

  • Contracting Parties
Jiří Tučka
Registered office: Taussigových 243, 273 42 Stehelčeves
ID: 71076875
Tax ID: CZ8204020176
Account Number: 107-804370277 / 0100
Customer - a person or company who uses the operator´s services based on an order confirmation and agrees with all the items of this contract
(hereinafter CUSTOMER)
  • 1. Subject of contract

    The provision of services and operation of passenger road motor vehicles designed to carry up to 9 persons including the driver. The transport services are determined exclusively for our customers together with their clients and associates.

  • 2. The rights and obligations of the customer
    • The customer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided in their order.
    • The customer agrees to find an alternative means of transport if the order is not confirmed by the operator.
    • Should the driver fail to arrive at the customer, the customer will contact the head office of the operator at the contact phone numbers listed in the order.
    • The customer agrees to pay the amount confirmed in the order for transport services to the driver (when being dropped off).
    • During transportation, the customer is obliged to behave according to the driver´s instructions and to comply with safety regulations in order to avoid harm to the interior of the vehicle. If these regulations are breached, the customer will be held responsible for the damage caused and will be obligated to cover all the costs of repair.
    • The customer agrees to contact the head office of the operator by email or phone at least 3 hours prior to the transport being due if they need to make any change to or cancel the order.
  • 3. The rights and obligations of the operator
    • The operator is obliged to provide services with mid-size and executive class vehicles that will comply with the customer´s needs.
    • The operator will provide the transport services agreed to in the order.
    • The operator guarantees the provision of services when the order has been confirmed.
    • The operator will provide the quality and range of services that correspond to the type of transport.
    • The operator guarantees to provide services with vehicles that are in good technical condition and clean both inside and out.
    • The operator guarantees that all vehicles used for providing their services are properly insured with existing laws that provide coverage for all damages caused.
    • The operator reserves the right to change the vehicle provider at any time during the contract in order to maintain the level and quality of overall services provided.
    • The operator reserves the right to cancel an already confirmed contract in cases where incorrect data has been provided or due to unpredictable circumstances beyond their control. In such a case, the operator is obliged to inform the customer by email or phone as soon as possible.
  • 4. Price and financial terms
    • The operator agrees to comply with the prices confirmed in the order and that are related to the transport route.
    • The operator reserves the right to adjust prices in the event of a change in external economic conditions. The prices of transport can be changed by agreement with the customer.
    • The customer has the right to be refunded the amount paid if the order is cancelled or altered by email or phone at least 3 hours before the transport is due.
  • 5. Period of Execution

    The period of execution of the contract shall be the period required to fulfil the order.

  • 6. Concluding items
    • All changes and additions must be made in writing (email).
    • The contracting parties declare that the contract was agreed to of their own free will and was not signed under duress or any other conspicuously disadvantageous conditions.
    • The customer’s order for transport services is an inseperable part of this contract.
    • An integral part of this contract is the transport order.
    • The original wording of these TTC was compiled in the Czech language; in the event of any disputed meaning or ambiguity in the interpretation of the text in another language, the wording in the Czech language shall always be decisive.